Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Since 1985


Doctors Tsoi & Chan  have helped many people in Greenwich, Wilton, Stamford and greater Fairfield County since 1985, balance, rejuvenate, and improve their body, mind, and spirit naturally with the practice of acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine.


Their practice is a rich source of preventive and curative medicine, and is also a source of auxiliary treatments specially designed to assist western medicine. Many patients have used both acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine to lessen side-effects on the body from harsher western therapies and western synthetic medications without interfering with these prescribed regimens, and this has been of particular benefit to patients who wish to use both systems of medicine in a comprehensive wellness and prevention program.



Dr. Tsoi follows in the fourth generation of his family in China to practice traditional Chinese medicine. Dr. Chan follows the second generation in her family in China to practice Chinese medicine, and both her parents were oriental medical doctors. They work closely in all aspects of the practice.


Dr. Tsoi is a diplomate and recognized Master in the preparation and customization of herbal formulary teas which include often complex combination of roots, herbs, and seeds specific to individual patient profiles. Only cleaned, medicinal grade herbs are used, which have been processed by the traditional time-tested natural methods of Chinese Medicine to control the directions and actions of the herbs within the formula and in relation to the meridians and organs of the body process. Unlike most medications, these herbal blends and traditional tonic formulas can be safely used by persons of all ages, and are without toxicity and side-effects.


Dr. Tsoi and Chan recommend that individuals catch discomforts and ailments while they are still in their early stages, and before they have a chance to become what Chinese Medicine classifies as "severe", or to extend their influence to other body systems. No one gets a heart attack or a stroke overnight, and kidney stone and gall stone do not form in one day. The particular benefit to Chinese Acupuncture And Chinese Herbal Medicine is that it can begin tracking these and other imbalances early, before they appear in symptoms that make western diagnostic tests which typically pick them up only at more severe stages. Constellations of symptoms that make diagnostic sense in Chinese Medicine may differ from diagnostic patterns of western medicine.


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